BARONCOURT: Transforming legal services with strategic and legal expertise and AI-driven innovation, driven by the desire to making contract services more affordable to all.

Rich Sears (Founder)

Rich, our Founder and the driving force behind our network of paralegals, legal executives, consultants, and advisers, is a dynamic and decisive leader known for his comprehensive, global experience in supporting and elevating high-performing teams. His expertise is particularly crucial in our service areas of negotiation, drafting, contract analysis, compliance, and regulatory advice. Rich's adeptness in optimising operations and controlling costs across all stages of a business's lifecycle aligns seamlessly with our mission of reducing risks for our clients and providing efficient legal solutions.

His career, which began with Tesco, imbued him with a profound commitment to service and quality, principles that remain at the heart of our business ethos. Rich's journey through significant roles at WHSmith and Greencore, and his leadership of his own enterprises, have equipped him with unique insights into the legal challenges faced by businesses. His tenure at PIRATE.COM as Global Operations Director and then as Global Director - Risk & Security, sharpened his skills in managing complex operations and creating long-term value, experiences that now benefit our clients in diverse industries.

Rich's international perspective, gained from working across the UK, mainland Europe, and the USA, is invaluable in our provision of multi-language support and tailored contract services. Holding a USA E2 Visa and with a history as a Non-Executive Director of Maple Wills Limited, he brings a broadened view that enhances our use of AI and AGI technology for effective contract management.

Beyond his professional life, Rich is a passionate Liverpool fan, a superbikes racing enthusiast, and an investor in global markets. These interests reflect the energy and dedication he brings to our firm and our clients, ensuring that our services not only meet but exceed expectations in today's fast-paced, globally interconnected business world.

  • Member - Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEX)
  • Accredited Paralegal Lawyer and Associate of (NALP) National Association of Paralegals
  • Data Protection Officer

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Why do we love what we do?

We find that the most fulfilling is the opportunity to forge a tangible difference in the businesses and personal lives of our clients. It is immensely rewarding to navigate complex legal landscapes and to devise strategies and outcomes that not only safeguard but also enhance their commercial and personal aspects.

Each case presents a unique set of challenges, and addressing these with innovative, legally sound next steps is what we are passionate about. Our role is not just to provide services, but to act as a trusted advisor and an extension of our client's teams, helping them to realise their business objectives whilst mitigating risks. This holistic approach to client service is what sets this practice apart and is the core of why we cherish our profession and the opportunities given.

What inspired us to do this?

Our decision to start this business was primarily driven by a deep-seated desire to revolutionise the way legal support is accessed and delivered in today's dynamic business and personal environment. Recognising the complexities and often prohibitive costs associated with traditional legal services, we were motivated to create a solution that makes expert legal assistance more accessible and affordable for all.

At the core of our vision was the idea of simplifying the legal process, particularly in areas that tend to be intricate and overwhelming for many businesses and individuals. This aspiration was coupled with a commitment to leveraging AI technology, not just as a tool, but as a transformative agent that could redefine the efficiency and scalability of legal support.

Can we provide our services anywhere?

Yes, we are fully equipped to provide our services online and remotely, ensuring that clients can access top-tier legal support regardless of their location. This can be via phone, or video calls such as Zoom, or, WhatsApp, etc.

What changes have we made to keep you safe from Covid-19?

While the acute phase of the COVID-19 pandemic has passed, the experience has led to lasting changes in how we operate, with a continued focus on the well-being and convenience of our clients as required or requested.

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